1. go easy on the equipment [dad]

2. pay your parking tickets [March 15, 2009]

3. “it’s all fun, and everybody’s laughing, and then somebody chokes.” [dad]

4. set your “tagged” facebook photos to private or you will never be hired or elected to any kind of office. ever. [Aug. 11, 2008]

5. when life craps on you, find something funny about it and laugh at it. [Oct. 22, 2008]

6. always be aware of how far your voice carries and who can hear you, i.e. bathroom stalls, neighboring offices, etc. [March 9, 2009]

7. to avoid looking indecisive (again), decide where you want to eat over the weekend by thursday and solidify that decision by making reservations already [March 6, 2009]

8. just because you’re excited it’s someone’s birthday doesn’t mean you have a green light. keep it yellow and pace yourself; 5 tequila shots is excessive. [January 24, 2009]

9. if you’re the slow traffic, please, please get in the right lane. and for the love of all that’s good, live a little and speed sometimes. [Minnesota drivers everywhere]

10. leftover chinese food is hangover magic. [Brian Wilson]

11. calm down — and think — before you hit send on furious e-mails. [March 7, 2008]

12. sometimes, it’s really ok to cry. [July 21, 2008]

13. always be kind to servers and sales people. karma’s rough.

14. go out of your way to make someone feel special. [March 28, 2009]

15. don’t get too down on things or give up too early, it’ll always get better next week. [April 5, 2009]

16. turns out, ultimatums are dumb. AND you can’t change people who give them. [April 19, 2009]

17. don’t broadcast your emotional forecast on facebook or twitter. really. [countless emotional girls everywhere]

18. quit talking about yourself.

19. if you’re going to pee in the wild, then good on you, but please look both ways and make sure little boys with cameras aren’t observing [June 27, 2009]

20. you don’t owe anything to your pride. [Dad]

21. it has to make sense. it has to make money. it has to be fun. [Bob Brown]

22. if you must wear heels downtown, please carry some flip flops in your purse. and do not drink vodka. [July 10, 2009]

23. up your mileage OR your intensity. not both. and never more than 25%. you miss triathlons that way. [Sept 6, 2009]

24. as much as you would like it to be so, your life cannot be lived entirely in gym shorts and a hoodie. please develop a sense – any sense – of personal style. fashion fades; style is eternal.

25. talent is transferable: try something new. you might just be great at it.

26. mean people stay mean.

27. no one is perfect, not even the people you date. cut them some slack sometimes.

28. ask for help.

29. events reveal people’s characters, they don’t determine them. don’t blame crappy things in your past for “making you the way you are.”

30. keep your eye on the prize and your hand on the plow.



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