when i was a kid, my mom was big into crafts, which corrie and i still find hilarious somedays. but this christmas, as there is very little spare change jingling in my pockets, i’ve decided to make all my gifts. like every other new project in my life, i automatically consulted google for ideas. who knew that crafting no longer involved awkward sequins and pipe cleaners anymore? if only my mom had been aware of all the dope indie craft projects out there, maybe i wouldn’t have watched so much junk tv over the last several weeks of unemployment.

i’m steering clear of craft projects that involve duct tape, pets or turning humans into pets with tails (?), but so far here are some christmas crafting ideas that caught my eye:

sewing fonts! :: i am a big nerd and love fonts. this the thought of embroidering fonts inspired my newly craft-infatuated heart. my mom taught my little self to embroider; time to dust off that skill.

jewelry making :: this may still be beyond my craft skill level (which hasn’t ventured past the craft store since i was 10), but i aspire to be able to design and create beautiful jewelry. i also dream that i can run a marathon.

book making :: homemade journals and blank books sounded like a fun idea for all my friends who, like me, got screwed over the economy and are working at starbucks, a school or have sold their soul to marketing and no longer get to really write.

Going through all the craft sites has started the wheels turning. Given my tendency toward distraction and restlessness, I doubt I’ll ever had the discipline to really be a “craft warrior,” but there are a lot of people out there who could turn this into a pretty profitable side business? Etsy is proof of that, but beyond etsy…?

etsy businesses i love ::

sugarplum orphans :: adorable bows and hair stuff for little girls. proceeds go to help orphans worldwide.

teas and tapestries by abby :: the mother of my two favorite kids in the whole world, abby makes excellent tea blends

sarandipity sweets :: my friend, @skeddy77, makes the cutest – and most delicious – little cupcakes on a stick for every occasion imaginable. seriously, they’re nothing short of amazing, and you can order them in boxes of 10 so that you look like the hostess with the mostest.


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