admittedly fragmented list

i simply forgot to put on makeup today. this post is a reflection of that.

1. sidenotecal turns 5 :: my friend, caley, has been blogging for 5 years. to put that in perspective, it took me 5 years to get out of college. 5 years is 3.24 times longer than my longest relationship ever and 2.18 times longer than any cell phone i’ve had. she celebrated with fish and pie.


2. book club :: i recently talked about wanting to read more books. i feel a good strategy would be to join a book club. like the kind where they all sit around drinking wine and talking about highly intellectual themes and underlying psychological implications. back in my days with the wichita eagle, i did a wichitalk story on a book club like this and absolutely loved the concept. i have no such connections or leads up here.

i’m not really sure how i would have time for a book club. there’s a lot of other things going on in my life to keep me busy. perhaps i should form my own book club that reads books about traithlons, catholicism, the gmat and business school, non-profits and web design while drinking wine. and grocery shopping while we’re at it.

3. prairie home companion :: i really want to see garrison keillor this weekend at the mn state fair. my tightwad budget, however, will probably block this lifetime dream of mine.

4. pet peeve of the day :: people who broadcast their bipolarity through facebook and twitter updates.

5. lunch :: every time i microwave my soup at work, the carrots explode all over the microwave long before the soup actually heats up. frustrating.

6 random reading topic of the week :: the vatican council

7. aches and pains :: my foot hurts and i have something similar to whooping cough. below i have submitted an un-insured x-ray of where my foot hurts


pain has reached the point where i can barely walk, much less run my much anticipated tri this weekend. we’ll see….


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