sad and pathetics on a rainy tuesday

1. twitter update :: several months ago, i wrote of my disdain for twitter. confession – i now have 164 tweets, 30 followers and am following 42 twitterers. i have a few tweet friends that i @ or DM back and forth with, but my primary fascination with this new delight o’ mine is following people i WISH i knew. not in a stalker-esque way, but rather people like peter sagal (who 17843 also wish they knew) or nightline (1,047,772).

even more than the people themselves, i am interested in who THEY are following. as a result of this new game, i am now following the economist, mo rocca, karl rove and woot. my pure delight in this may end up surpassing past addictions to facebook.

2. running/biking/swimming :: i have been training for a triathlon. the race is scheduled for the first weekend in sept. i am facing two major obstacles right now: achilles tendinitis and a lack of a bike.  both are what my father would call, “major bummers.” i have gone into official problem solving mode. i am physically ready for the race, but race rules would insist that i ride a bike for the biking portion. physiological rules would insist that my achilles may explode if i keep over working it. i have had my heart set on this for a while. but i can’t afford a road bike, and i am training for a the vegas rock and roll half marathon in december. sigh.

3. books :: i think i’ve all but given up on books. it really makes me quite sad.  i was raised on everything from nancy drew to the sugar creek gang to the boxcar children.  ramona quimby was essentially my best friend. but after so many years of book-it and high school lit and barnes and noble, i find myself only reading articles online. i really don’t understand it. books are more convenient and portable and have pretty covers.

i feel like i just need one good book to spark my interest again. just one hum-dinger of a good ending or riveting plot. so i puruse barnes and noble and sadly realize that books are far more expensive than online reading. they are also easier to lose and misplace. and you can’t open a new tab and google reference something you just read and possibly doubted.

…but the covers are so pretty.

4. dead aid :: not sad, but my newest online reading interest is dambisa moyo and her plea to end aid to africa over the next 5 years. she maintains that the conventional method of aid, in the form of money, food, medicine and supplies, is crippling the continent. she’s a little indignant that very caucasian bono and angelina joli have become the face for the effort to bring economic change to underdeveloped countries.

moyo, herself an african, would much rather see a conserted effort to nurture entrepreneurship and self-sustaining business concepts through micro-finance loans, similar to what my personal fav kiva has going on around the world. this, she feels, is the answer to the corruption and dependency on outside money, as well as the path to economic turnaround for the continent.

5. upcoming (but also not sad) :: the GMAT looms, RCIA starts Sept. 8, the Yankton Triathlon on labor day weekend…and winter


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