back from my blogging sabbatical

really it wasn’t so much a sabbatical as a computer virus and lack of motivation….

1. the mid-20’s :: of late i’ve come to realize that being out of college and in your mid-20’s is something like being in the middle school of adult life. you did the college thing and, between moving out and making some decidedly stupid decisions, kind of started figuring out the whole “grown up” thing. but after college and before you can get to the real deal of a legit career, family and a dog (which i will equate to high school, ha), you have to go through this passage that feels something like being in middle school all over again, very awkward and trying to maybe come across like you know what’s going on. instead of getting round squishy things growing out of your chest, you’re getting a taste of the real world and its basic disinterest in you and your well-being. i didn’t do those jr. high days very gracefully, and somedays i don’t feel i’m doing much better with the 20’s. i’m not, however, doing it with enormous glasses this time.


2. running crush ::  until now, i’ve never really had an appreciation for running and have generally avoided the activity with its side cramps, quad cramps and calf cramps. i was forced on a treadmill, however, a few weeks ago. it was the boy’s birthday wish that i run a 5k with him, and a week out i realized that i should probably give 3 miles a go before running through the streets of minneapolis. i don’t know what happened in those 35 minutes, but at the end of 3 miles, i was hooked. a week later i did my first real 5k and came to realize that i have developed a bona fide crush on running. i spend my day thinking about that afternoon’s run. i joined an online running log/forum. i ice my sore ankles, terrified that i won’t be able to run the next day. it’s doubtful that i could get laid by running itself – as it is a verb rather than a noun – but i’m quite sure that if i could, i would.

3. a cause to pimp :: The Sugarplum Boutique : Handmade infant and children’s hairbows, clips, bands, crochet bands and beanies, flowers, bow holders, and more! All proceeds benefit the plight of orphans worldwide. Custom orders are VERY welcome!

4. things i love today ::

– barney frank throws down like a champ :

– an excellent and very relevant blog :

– as always, maureen dowd :

– Michael Vick’s Contrition – Should We Forgive? :


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  1. Mehler sister 2

    round squishy things? tasteful

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