photos and excuses

it’s been so long. i know. i have a million excuses why i haven’t posted in a month. none of them are legitimate.

photo montage to catch up……



n543140224_3149986_2687988  n1188810007_30454959_687955

wichita times. friend times, etc.

4590_1079449625173_1194240468_30398882_1853826_n 4590_1079448425143_1194240468_30398860_1911152_n

4590_1079454025283_1194240468_30398940_545487_n 4590_1079451465219_1194240468_30398911_7497747_n

wedding #1, vanessa and jared (finally!), bridesmaid game face.

redwedding redwed5

wedding in dallas. second bridesmaid appearance in 24 hours. beginning of calvin-kristin-bff.

DSCF1538 DSCF1539

DSCF1542 DSCF1549

brought corrie back to minneapolis with me. big bowl and chino latino good times.



minneapolis times. das boot at gastofs, posing for derek cell pics at stellas, grand old day in st. paul


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