i hate people who blog about blogging, or twit about twittering. but blogging about twittering is ok, i feel.

1. i don’t perceive myself to be a social media prude, by any means. i’ve done it all. was all over xanga before anybody else was, i was a charter wichita state facebook user (back when it was just college students, oh the days), i even hesitate to admit that i had (have) a myspace. twitter, however, is harder for me to accept, though. i even have the app on my phone, so it goes with me, but i just don’t have the urge to do it. it bores me. my few friends that are on twitter don’t twit enough to keep my attention. so i end up creepily following a bunch of famous people i don’t know — and yes, i feel like a creeper.

2. more frustration with technology: my blackberry keeps randomly erasing all my text messages and emails. also, while i’m cursing our societal conversion from paper and pigeon to binary and modem, i recently started using mozilla firefox at work because i was scorned by at least 4 people for still using ie . i have prepared below a pie chart indicating the proportion of time i spent working to the time i spent waiting for things to load:



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