a little hitlist for your diversion

i haven’t posted in a week, making this list seem even lazier than it already appears to be. but i’ve been finding some good stuff lately.

otherwise, i was going to simply write down every random thought i had today at work. then i realized that if i did that, i might as well be twittering, and the idea lost all its coolness.

Why does story matter? with Donald Miller from Brian Mosley on Vimeo.

2. These Numbers Have Faces – a non-profit out of Portland that invests in college educations for South African students. love this stuff.

3. Texts From Last Night – we’ve all been there. corrie finds this site particularly funny as she has an extensive collection on her phone from me. i like to call it being memorable.

4. Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me has been my absolute solace during 10 hour work days. Mo Rocca is my new facebook pic. shameless.

5. Going home for a visit in less than a month…actually like 2 weeks? bless.

6. tomorrow night is polka night. get excited

7. craigslist discussion forums : i’ve always wished that i had a safe place to discuss limericks with other limerick lovers.

8. postsecret of the week (the real reason i had to blog – otherwise, i would have had to do 2 next week):


* this is for carissa. and rich mullins. and frank beckwith and me


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