Morning Radio

in my former life, i detested morning radio talk shows, with the exception of npr because i’m a nerd. other than morning edition, i just wanted you to shut up and play some music because it was already to early to think. my commute here, however, has introduced me to – and sucked me into – the world of morning radio.

i occasionally laugh or learn something interesting, thus distracting me from road rage, but there is one facet of this daily circus that absolutely baffles me. i simply cannot fathom why people call the radio station with a secret or grudge with someone else, then proceed to allow the talk show hosts to call that person on the phone and confront them on live radio. what??

this morning, a girl called the show and complained that she suspected her friend of lying to her about the cost of a spring break trip, saying it was expensive, thus out of this girl’s price range meaning the girl could not go.

well, after spring break, girl is talking to friend 2 who tells her that the real price was about half what friend 1, shawna, had quoted. this girl, dana, suspects that shawna lied to her about the price because she didn’t want her to go. because dana is over 250 pounds and shawna didn’t want to be seen with her on the beach.

the hosts hem and haw about it for a while, making excuses for shawna, thus trying to be nice to fat-ass dana who apparently looks bad in a bikini. then they call shawna.

and shawna uncaringly confirms that she did lie about the cost, didn’t want dana to go, and yes, it was because dana is fat and shawna didn’t feel that would mesh with her boy-catching beach plans. AND the whole group of girls going on spring break had thought of this idea, so it clearly wasn’t her fault.

dana is livid, shawna doesn’t understand why that’s a problem, and the dj’s take sides. then people call in — all on shawna’s side. ???????

i feel out of touch with what seems to be the rest of humanity.


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  1. Mehler sister 2

    Really? That’s weird. How are they friends? And I agree, why would you want to bring this up for everyone to scrutinize and criticize you on the air? Especially if you suspect that it has something to do with your weight? I wouldn’t have the balls for that. Talk about plunging your self-esteem into the ground.
    Speaking of drama… I have stories for you.

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