[another] new leaf

i started a new job yesterday, thus resolving a few stressful weeks of nail biting and watching ellen with the stratford woods chapter of the unemployment club (derek, phil and i) and feeling hurt that caribou coffee wouldn’t call your bachelor degreed self in for an interview.

this means i’m in the awkward stage where you have to ask someone where absolutely everything is, from the extra cords to the bathroom to dave (?). i do, however, love what i’m doing, and i feel quite blessed to be drawing a paycheck right now.

 also, kansas screwed me over on my taxes. thought i’d get that in there.

1. last night was paella and sangria night. and salmon dip. josh and i are not very culinarily gifted, so while others craft paella in a legit paella pan or real-fruit sangria, we bring the cub salmon dip and pita.

i did discover last night that i adore paella.

2. i had to do a little blog editting. you see, when i looked at my little google analytics, it seems that i was getting an abnormally large volume of hits from people with nudist preferences. i was a pretty hot hit, thanks to a postsecret that i selected a few weeks ago. the photo has been removed, and i’m back to clothed friends.

3. it’s finally warm up here, for real. 60+ for a while. about time.

4. postsecret of the week: there were a lot of great ones this week, but i like the positivity of this one. sappy, but encouraging.



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  1. Mehler sister 2

    i want to try paella. i’ve never had any, been they eat it on gil girls and i want some.
    i felt like postsecret did a good job this week.
    i think you’re amazing. when i next see you, you can make me some coffee if that helps at all with the caribou coffee thing.

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