Easter with the Ericksons

i first started this post sunday night. then monday. now wednesday night. good work, chief.

1. i found myself in granite falls, mn last weekend. it wasn’t what i expected for the weekend, but after getting lost in chaska, stopping for grease and beer in hector, sneaking keystone (NOT mine) and pre-mixed booze into derek’s birthday party at the granite falls american legion, i found myself shmoozing with my friend’s mother, getting caught with the smuggled booze by an angry bartender and getting invited to easter at aunt erickson’s.

2. hours and apparently many miles later, i woke up in a hotel room that was loaded with every senior-citizen amenity imaginable. we stepped from the hotel room into the lobby of the prairie’s edge casino, the crown jewel of granite. the casino floor was littered with retirees playing the slots, chain smoking and taking pulls off flasks of jack. so disturbing that we fled in search of some sort of hangover breakfast at the happy chicken diner.


3. easter with the ericksons was full of norwegian delights like lefsa and snickers salad. it was like attending my own family’s festivities. i find that we’ve been adopted by all sorts of families up here in the northern country.  from the super bowl to st. patrick’s day, friends’ families keep treating us like they just discovered they had two more kids. minnesota nice for ya. anyway, after two plates of lefsa and corned beef, we hid eggs for the kids, made rum and cokes and played catch phrase.

4. halfway through catch phrase, my new uncle duane herded us all out to vans and trucks to take all the grandkids on a neighborhood tour of the baby pigs, ducks, pigeons and cows (i forgot to mention that my new erickson relatives live on a pig farm about 5 miles west of bfe). highlights included herb the bird man who snatched ducks by the neck, ashing the cig in his mouth and the two dead and decomposing calves on the trash pile that we unsuccessfully to distract the kids from seeing. bless.









5. best of postsecret: this was a good week for posting secrets, but this was my favorite and closest to home.



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