slow graphics card

it’s a monday, and it’s raining, meaning my graphic card is for sure slow.

1. tournament update. the first weekend is over, and my bracket is quite healthy. all told, i think i only have about 5 misses over the whole weekend, and my elite 8 is a go. glory.

speaking of glory, we went to the kansas game yesterday. luck smiled on us in the form of cheap tickets and free parking. God bless bar girls in good with the scalpers. (by the way: i did twitter a bit yesterday in my game-time excitement) avoiding boring game talk, i’ll just say it was pretty ugly, but i’ll take a triple-double out of cole aldrich just to spite the hateful text i got from jeff about hopes of big c.ald breaking his ankles.














2. speaking of…i  have a friend who is obsessed with the eagles. not the bird, the ancient rock (?) band with don henley as a ring-leader. apparently, they still put out records and still tour. i know this only because this friend has seen them in concert some 17 times, including twice in the last month. i am fortunate enough to experience the concert right along with him as he calls me from every concert to let me listen to the song of my choice. tomorrow night is peaceful easy feeling.

5. criminal. i may or may not have a warrant out for my arrest thanks to a certain unpaid parking ticket from december. i was up here visiting and interviewing, ran in someplace for a minute, putting 45 minutes on the meter. i checked my watch as i walked back and as i looked up from reading that i was literally on minute 46, i saw a handy (not the word i used that the time) officer writing me a ticket. i then went on to completely forget about the citation, which is supposed to be paid within 21 days, til now. 3 months later.

4. jacob blogging. my brother joel has a blog. he hasn’t updated it since october 2007, saying he doesn’t have time, although when i called last night, he was driving back from skiing in tahoe all week. so clearly he has time. i realized, however, that i had lost the battle of trying to get him to update so i’d have something meaningful to read. our compromise we agreed to was that we would make his roommate jacob blog. jacob is from new zealand and is allergic to peanut butter, making him a very interesting potential blogger. he refuses, and in a counter-offer has agreed to cc me on every e-mail he sends.

5. postsecret of the week. there really weren’t any tremendous postal efforts this week. an off-week. but i couldn’t leave it blank, and i like this one because it’s positive, and i know where they’re coming from.



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  1. Mehler sister 2

    Yeah, I enjoyed that postsecret too, but I was disappointed by the lack of potential. Sad.

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