first day of spring

i’ve been greeted by four minnesotans this morning with a hearty “happy first day of spring”

1. kinkos employees. i am increasingly frustrated with the people behind the counter at kinkos. i don’t have a printer right now, but every time i go in there to print of documents — a task i feel should cost me maybe a quarter a page — i get faced with the 20 question campaign to swindle kristin of her cash, and it ends up costing me something like five or six bucks. when i politely call them on it, i get a blank stare and “that’s what you asked for”. no, sir, i just asked for your magic little machine to put what’s on my thumb drive show up on a piece of white paper.

2. still a bad twitterer. sorry, todd.

3. lingerie showers.  i have long been confused by the plethora of showers and parties that a bride throws before tying the note. i won’t digress on my feelings of wedding traditions or planning, but i will say that i feel you could wrap the thing up in one day by inviting your grandmother over for lunch to give you the crock pot, your mother and aunts over for happy hour to give you unmentionables and then go bachelorette the rest of the night/morning with your girls, thus calling it a day. instead, most brides — and they really can’t help it, it’s tradition — end up having a shower a month for the 3-4 months leading up to the wedding, a mess in and of itself. maybe i digressed a little.

the point is, my good friend is marrying my cousin in may and having her lingerie shower this weekend. corrie has been invited and is at a loss for what to give good friend. in our particular situation, there is something awkward about giving anyone a bra in front our mother and grandmother. plus, it’s rather cliche. i suggested maybe a lacy cami or boyshorts, but am at a loss for what else to suggest. sigh.


4. my bracket.  i did quite well yesterday. i only missed butler and mississippi state. i was really a little disappointed by state, and thought they’d do considerably better. i’m feeling good about today and about to head out to what is apparently a ku bar in st. paul. day party!

5. quandry. simply, after already getting involved in fairly long conversation with opposite gender, how do you indicate to them that you really aren’t interested due to a pre-existing condition of monogamy and commitment without coming across as presumptuous?


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