christmas eve

so very excited about tomorrow

1. twitter update. three days in, and i’m an ineffective twitterer. it’s something i’m not likely to do on the computer, rather just another distraction on my crackberry. i cannot, however, make it work on the berry. i tried it on the browser and am lucky to even get to the site. i downloaded “twitterberry” but can’t respond to anyone else’s post…or see anyone else’s post. i am cynical and frustrated, but keep reminding myself that germans aren’t quitters.

2. meghan mccain. i am fascinated (perhaps too much) by the overtly publicized cat fight between meghan mccain and laura ingram, just as i was last week by stewart v. cramer. i followed the bloggette through the campaign and feel a little bit of loyalty to her, plus — let’s be real — a pundit making fun of someone’s weight over an issue of which direction the GOP should go is unimaginative and lame. i never really like laura ingram in the first place. confession: i am secretly delighted by ann coulter.

3. junk-food tv. i spent the first 23.5 years of my life sans cable tv. my 5 channel family was one of five in america affected by the digital change-over, and i just never really cared about it before at my own place. i am living with cable televsion now, and i realize that i never really missed out. as i scroll through the guide of 300 channels, there is literally nothing of interest on, unless i get lucky and the sopranos are on. the rest is just mental junk food. i mean, there is really a show called “bad girl club” about unstable bitches? how many forensic, hospital, law soap operas can they come up with? i do, however, really like the butt dialing commercial.

4. america’s hat. josh is in canada this week = bachelorette week


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