better than christmas


1. march madness. thursday will mark the start of my very favorite time of year — the ncaa tournament. ever since i was a kid, even before this crazy internet thing and printing off brackets, i would rejoice for the day i could cut my blank bracket out of the newspaper and watch greg gumble announce where kansas would end up. the ensuing week of pondering, bracket filling and game watching was better than chrismas. even as a middle school yahoo, i was sneaking my pocket radio and ear buds into class, not missing a game. this year — oh bless! — my jayhawks got shipped to the metrodome where i will get to see my first ku ncaa game. i’ll spend the next few days scouring tickets (which look good) and filling out my bracket. more to come on that tomorrow.

2. st. patrick’s day and car bombs. i’m german, not irish, and from wichita, not boston, so st. patrick’s day has never been that huge of a thing for me. i mean, one needs little excuse to drink some green beer, but beyond that i didn’t much care (germans are still recovering from their superior month long celebration). apparently, good minnesota folk do care. yesterday our friend elissa took us out to her hometown of buffalo, mn for a bit of “small town fun” at the local st. patrick’s day parade. i expected a 15 minute ordeal of shriners, high school bands, local politicians and moms sitting in camp chairs. i was wrong. small town minnesota has a beerfest concept for parades. everyone — literally from the high school kids to their parents to pregnant mothers — walks around with a cooler in one hand and a roadie in the other. the parade might be forgettable, but drunk soccer moms with green cowboy hats and garters are not. after, everyone goes to the american legion to kill a few more and dance around in their best irish get-up. others head back to st. paul for irish car bombs.


3. warmth. it’s starting to get warm up here, i.e. 55 degrees today. i’ve been running around in a hoodie and shorts for about 2 months now, but i am starting to feel legitimized in my flip flops. i don’t want to say spring is right around the corner, because i know that will just call down another snow storm, but i’m starting to feel hopeful.

4. corrie coming home from guatemala. she’s neat.

5. twitter. sigh. i caved. don’t count me on being a very avid twittererer. i’m just so bad at this peer pressure thing.

6. random hits: yumi’s in excelsior, disaronno, role models, al pacino, lazy sundays, my reefs.

7. postsecret of the week . there were a lot to choose from this week, but here’s my favorite



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  1. Mehler #3

    i’m most definitely home. it was me against the world at the atlanta airport. i even ran for my gate because we were late. but i made it home and without any hitchhiking.

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