a list on relocation

it’s been about three months, and i feel that i’ve finally settled in for the most part. i’ve weened myself off tom-tom, i have a regular grocery store and life’s developing its own little rhythm. a few things, though:


1. coffee spot. i’ve decided that of all the coffee chains up here, my favorite is dunn brothers, especially the one on lake excelsior. the lake out the window, live music, wine and by far the best chocolate syrup. like every good minnesotan, i do frequent caribou, however, mainly because i’m such a ninja at getting free drinks there without even trying. right now, the count is somewhere around 6 for everything from turning in a starbucks card to them being out of what i ordered to some gimmick about getting a caribou card.

2. gas station drinks. those who have never lived where there is a quiktrip (NOT kwiktrip) can’t fully grasp this concept, but there is a lot to be said for on-the-go coffee and soda. after having been spoiled my whole life with quiktrip coffee bars and fountain drinks, i was desperate to find a northern comparison. it took a while and a lot of poured out motoroilesque coffee, but holiday gas station put out an pretty good product. they also have my mid-day energy dried fruit trail mix. my favorite holiday is on excelsior blvd near 169.

3. irony. it’s 60 degrees outside today, and yet every minnesotan i’ve seen has been wearing their coat — not jacket– winter coat. it would seem to me that these antartically oppressed people would be yearning to shed the layers and get a little vitamin d. in fact, as i write this, my co-workers are debating whether they need their coats to walk down the street to caribou…

further on irony…since moving up here, my greatest climate challenge has been not getting hot. warned over and over by northerners about the frigid cold and the need to layer, i would get bundled up, walk inside a building and immediately need air. i sweat profusely. so i’ve quit that and just wear whatever skimpy short sleeves and skirts i want.

4. twitting. so far, i’ve twitted twice. once about todd and once about carissa. otherwise, it hasn’t even occurred to me to twitt. generally, anytime i have an observation about life, i just text my oracle, corrie(who gets home from guatemala today!). twittering seems like an unneccesary step that i’m going to forget a lot. i’m not a quitter, though, so i’ll keep trying.


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  1. Mehler #3

    i’m so glad i’m home to be your oracle again! i missed that part of my life.

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