case of the fridays

it’s friday and, after a week of snow/ice/negative temperatures, the sun is shining warmly, well warmer.

confession: careers i wish i had time in my life to pursue…

1. concierge. an odd choice, especially for number one, but i would love  to run a service, or even just sit at a hotel all day, where i gave out recommendations and advice all day long. i’m fairly good with recommendations — i feel i have good taste — but advice, not so much.  i often imagine myself to be dispensing great advice, especially after the second glass of wine, but maybe it’s not really that great. i would, though, like running errands and arranging things for people. perhaps one day i will add a “concierge section” to my blog.

2. booze critic/writer. i initially called this food critic, but then i decided to be honest with myself: i really don’t care about food. i love trying restaurants and bars, but i’m probably going to order a chef’s salad and spend my time on the wine list or martini menu.

3. pastry chef. i am enthralled by ace of cakes — could watch it all day long. those again, i don’t really feel i would be good at this. i simply don’t have the patience, nor have i actually baked anything since i was in high school (?). in each of the last three apartements i’ve lived in, i used the oven for storage.

4. typographer.  i love fonts, making me the lamest person ever. for the 23 years of my education, though, i spent almost every lecture doodling new lettering in the margins of every book and notebook i had. then, about 2 years ago, i found out that a very few people out there get paid to do it.

5. own an inn.  and be lorelai. there, i said it. except mine would have a winery out back.

6. some sort of illegal/shady profession.  i would like being shady for a while, i believe, but it might get old, so this could be something of an interim or between-jobs sort of career.

7. zamboni driver. i am absolutely messmerized by their work. i feel that i could make a very long, relaxing run in their industry. it’s like raking a zen sand garden, just driving back and forth and back and forth, smoothing out the ice….

8. park ranger.  my old friend and former co-worker, darren, just took a job with the california park service. as i filled out his reference letter, i couldn’t help but feel a liiiitle (lot) jealous. what better job could there be than to just hike around the wilderness and stomp out fires and stuff like smokey the bear.


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One response to “case of the fridays

  1. Mehler #3

    1. i feel like you have great advice and even better recommendations. many of my favorite wichita activities and spots have been because of your suggestions. and i’ve always liked your advice.
    2. you should. its a great excuse to drink all day.
    3. i love bread. pastries would be amazing.
    4. i have noticed that you like to draw letters. you have as long as i can remember. i always wished i was cool like you.
    5. who doesn’t want to be lorelai?
    6. like the godfather but cooler.
    7. remember when we wanted to be those people who skated around and picked up the flowers at the olympics?
    8. do you remember that book about smokey the bear and safe camping habits? i feel like that was wasted on us since mom and dad never took us camping.

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