waiting for photos to download to my thumb drive

55 minutes? really?

1. i have been a busy little bee of late, disappointing corrie with my lack of posts. sorry, amigo.

2. so many of my friend are joining twitter. i am resisting on 2 counts: a) i can barely blog once a week, let alone once an hour, and b) i also resisted the “25 things” pandemic on facebook.

3. i had an epiphany yesterday afternoon in my sweet little office that awkwardly looks right into some lady’s apartment and has such a wonderful view of the construction workers on 5th.

4. overheardinminneapolis.com

5. my favorite thing of the week: home-made quesidillas. by home-made, i mean that pretty much every thing i’ve made at home this week, i’ve at least attempted to put in a tortilla and grill up on the stove. turkey, bbq beef, tuna salad, cottage cheese, eggs, protein shake, you name it. 

6. best of postsecret this week:



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