spring fever hitlist

i live in minnesota; spring isn’t ever going to come


1. Gasthof Zur Gemutlichkeit. morts has been de-throned from its long standing position as my all-time favorite bar. gasthof in all of its “zicke zacke zicke zacke, hoi hoi hoi” glory takes me back to my imagined german roots. it’s all legit german beer on tap and polka til 12.

2. the plague– i think i caught it last night

3. 60 minute cardio. ever since i started rewarding an hour of cardio with strawberry-pineapple protein shakes, i’ve been addicted. as i labor through minutes 25-35 (the hardest), i stare at the sweaty backs of not-very-in-shape treadmill warriors and use the time to contemplate whether i’m going to ever switch it up and try my shake with raspberries. still haven’t.

4. jason l. mehler. it would seem jason, a prudential real estate agent of new york, is our long-lost brother? cousin? uncle? he befriended joel via facebook last week and is already wishing him a “Have a Happy Birthday!! Many, many more!!” on his wall. i’m a little miffed that i wasn’t befriended–so i reconciled the situation by taking initiative and adding him. hopefully we’ll be close enough that i’ll get such a warm birthday greeting myself.

5. joel. even though jason l. already wished it, happy birthday, friend, and many, many more!!

6. skillet dinners in a bag. i have discovered cooking out of a bag.

7. church notes. (found a church; suspect that they might allow lushes) “when you’re growing up, you get shots for all sorts of diseases and sicknesses. they give you just enough of it to innoculate you to that sickness. christianity can be the same way. kids grow up getting just enough of it to become immune to its real power and what it really means. they proclaim themselves christians, smug in the knowledge that they know the right way to live, yet it’s empty. it’s not until you lick your fingers and stick them in the electrical socket of the gospel that it becomes real. Jesus Christ starts coursing through your veins, making you alive.”

8. new blog names. all the cool kids are doing it. after a conversation with corrie about the lameness of blog names, i felt convicted, got a new name and migrated everything over to this one. neat.

9. postsecret day. this was a slim week, i felt. (i didn’t appreciate the person who sent in the “i’m terrified my thighs are going to touch someday” really???? i chose this only for the e-mailed comment, which i found fascinating.



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