january soundtrack


in my ear this month….

1. kanye west heartless

2. kanye love lockdown (remix)

3. pink sober

4. brooks and dunn  cowgirls don’t cry

5. bartender (the original)

6. nickelback burn it to the ground

7. the new salvation army commercial

8. the end of season 4 entourage

9. twizzlers

10. blueberry peanut butter protein shakes


confession: saturday night’s escapades in uptown left me debilitated (and sans car) on the couch for the better part of sunday. that’s not the confession…the confession is that i watched all 13 (?) hours of season 10 of america’s next top model. in one sitting. and i began to develop formulated opinions about the show.

when i said outloud, “i hate jade! why is she such a dirty pirate hooker?!” i suddenly stopped aloud and realized that i need to get on the ball and do something with my life. or at the very least get a productive hobby that doesn’t involve alcohol or television or a treadmill, no matter how productive it is.

ideas for hobbies that i should further pursue….

1. design. i do it for work, leaving me reticent to bring it home, but practice does make perfect.

2. reading. my intended reading list keeps getting longer and longer, but i keep putting the books on the shelf in favor of whatever else. generally facebook. i’ve considered joining a book club….should look into that further.

3. twitter with rick sanchez. everytime i watch it, i wish i were twittering with rick. but i don’t want to be one of those people who’s facebook status changes minute by minute.

4. i wish i could make furniture, although it’s pretty inconceivable giving my living space…

5. writing. outside of my own personal writing, i’ve gotten out of the habit and should really get back in.

6. cooking. joking.


the best of postsecret this week:



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