i think there’s a head cold coming (-4)

work is particularly dull today. i finished all the postcard and poster designs, val’s design, read about a dozen lame “25 things” facebook notes and sent a few emails. it’s 10:30, and my boss still hasn’t shown up, leaving me to sit here and read washington post economic moanings and evesdrop on the lady next door also moaning economic downturn.

this recession business is such a downer. hundreds of people up here have been laid off since i got up here, and everybody else is worried about their job. i suppose that’s the one nice thing about not having anything: there’s nothing for the man to take away from you. i’m not too worried about it.

i keep sniffling. i think i’m catching a cold. and a period. every period is a blessing.

i’m mainly entertained right now by the construction workers outside my window. they’ve got a really tall…thing…on a truck parked in the middle of the street. said thing is ladder looking and goes up about 60 feet but doesn’t really seem to be going toward anything. just up in the air.


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